Sigal Bujman

Producer / Director / Writer / (and former teacher)

Sigal_BujmanYou may have seen me in one of our travel shows series called “Fantastic Festivals of the World” that was broadcast on the Discovery Channel.

This is what we do: We travel the world and try to bring the stories that we see and the adventures we experience to you and to your classroom. We like to interview people, taste new food, or walk around foreign markets. Our mission is to get YOU excited and interested about the new cultures you are introduced to. Our number one ingredient for successful travel is curiosity!

We always strive to learn a new language, get familiar with previously unknown food, meet local people, listen to their stories and see how they live. The many cultures we’ve been exposed to over the years are so different from each other, yet they have some very basic things in common. People all over the world love to celebrate, to feel a sense of community and pride in their tradition.

What is your culture?
What is your tradition?
What about it makes you proud?

My background is a mixture of cultures as my ancestors emigrated from Eastern Europe to Argentina, then my parents emigrated from Argentina to Israel, and then I emigrated from Israel to the United States, where I live with my family today. This movement from continent to continent over a course of four generations means that my family has a very interesting tapestry of cultures, which we enjoy celebrating throughout the year (American holidays, Jewish holidays, European food, South American love for soccer, Latin music, and BBQ).

I bet many teachers and students share a similar ‘culture mixture’ like me. Each one of you has an interesting story to share. We encourage you to be curious about your own culture as well as others. We have a diverse and fascinating world. It is so exciting! And you know what else? Learning about our World Cultures is not only a great skill, it also brings people together!


Marc Pingry

Director of Photography / Editor

Marc PingryMy desire to learn about cultures besides my own began in my homes in Cincinnati and Milwaukee thanks to my Mom and Dad. My mother was a group leader for AFS, which sponsored exchange students from around the world. Our house always had a boy or girl staying with us while they switched between families or in transit. I met kids who had never worn shoes in their lives or who grew up in lands that had winter most of the year. My father was in world -wide marketing and was always traveling somewhere to new and exotic places and bringing back stories, pictures and souvenirs.

My own wanderlust began when I graduated from high school and has never stopped. When I left Public Television after over 20 years of incredible experiences I was ready to create my own series, Festivals of the World. That was when I met Sigal in Israel and shared my ideas. She was on the same wavelength and festivals became 30 one-hour programs called “Fantastic Festivals of the World” on Discovery HD. We are still continuing this vision now with CultureZeum.

My love of traveling, experiencing new cultures and meeting people from all walks of life has been translated through the lens of my camera into where I am at today. Technology has made the world smaller we all know that. We believe that now more than ever students need to see people sharing their traditions and celebrations. With CultureZeum we have the opportunity to present these moments in high quality, educational and entertaining videos. Myself along with my Japanese wife and two bilingual sons currently reside in Seattle.




“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain