Stay Tuned!

We are very excited with the progress of our website and to have teachers using the videos and PDF downloads in their classrooms. It has been a great learning experience for us as well. We are constantly trying to improve the customer experience and make it as easy as possible for teachers to access our products. Currently we are in the process of adding new festivals that relate to the arrival of Spring. These will include the unique Fastnacht Carnival that takes place in Germany right before lent. Another exciting pre-lent festival is the Las Fallas which literally lights up the skies in Valencia, Spain. Easter will take us to Sicily, a land steeped in tradition and a mixture of many cultures. After Passover we will be in Israel for some not so well known festivals but very important to the people of Israel. The Harvest festival, Shavuot and the religious festival, Lag Ba’omer.

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