Bring the World itself into your Classroom! – TeachingWorldCultures.comColorful, exotic, different and exciting – these are the many ways people celebrate their traditions around the world.

In an age of globalization – our mission is to highlight world celebrations – and bring them to your classroom in the form of videos, class activities, and curriculums.

Your classroom will thrive at the opportunity to see, hear, play and inspire from our videos. Your students will enjoy an engaging class that will prompt curious participation in a fun, interactive way of learning. The knowledge they will acquire can go far. It can open up their minds and affect their view of different races and cultural diversity. It can encourage them to travel and to make a difference in their community or in other communities around the world.

Above all – our videos carry a message of acceptance, curiosity and a positive outlook at humans and how they celebrate their culture. This positive message is our number one motive. We want to share it with you. Hope you can join us!

teachers_guide_imageWhen you purchase a video, for No Additional Charge, you will get two pdf files of:

  •  TEACHER’S GUIDE with two types of QUIZZES and
  • Suggested CLASS ACTIVITIES with five RECIPES.


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